LED bulbs will be hot in Philippine market after the typhoon
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History of the strongest typhoon Swallow

History of the strongest typhoon "Swallow" hit the Philippines caused devastating damage is still fresh in my memory, according to the U.S. Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Center measured, "Swallow" landing Philippines 379 kilometers per hour maximum wind speed may become historical records since the human face of the strongest storms.
Typhoon disaster in the real world across the land, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives so that millions of people suffer property damage.
In the high-tech industry, there are also the same "tornado", these invisible "Typhoon" destroying the existing industrial structure, remodeling a new form of competition, the same profound impact on economic development, industrial change and regional Rise and Fall . Loss of competitiveness of the industry face extinction, plant closures, unemployment, and new industries after "Typhoon" Reach, a new molecular economy of the world. The recent events in the LED lighting industry is the small LED bulb off the "A-Lamps storm."