2013 New LED lighting technology
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2013 will be a public lighting LED lamps

2013 will be a public lighting LED lamps parity competing design, production , annual listing of public lighting LED lamps cost parity PK will determine the development of new affordable LED lighting vitality , competitiveness, and mass productivity ; public lighting LED lamps should be parity the world of ordinary people can afford consumer electronics products , its retail price should be close to or even below the current price of energy-saving fluorescent lamps. Therefore, the design is suitable and cost-effective performance and competitive parity LED lights program is the key. Low-cost solution to the current existing low voltage LED light source (LVLED) due to hot bottlenecks low voltages (VF) and large current (IF) has been working without seeking solutions ; however innovative multi -core package HVLED, its high voltage ( VF), low current (IF) working conditions eased degree heat LED light source ; LED driver constant current power supply integrated circuit chip through foreign power chip designer's efforts , features high integration , application circuit is simple and cost-effective good chip endless ; in recent years, thermal plastic radiator, plastic coated aluminum radiator appears to solve the LED lamps small space isolated technical problems. Therefore , Pratt & Whitney affordable price , good use of public lighting LED lamps cheap mass production, mass market has been very close to the good times !
    LED lighting industry is booming , LED lighting new technologies. But LED lighting into millions of households in people's homes always hobbled difficult people entered the house during the shortest distance step. The reason is the high price of LED lighting , ordinary civilians still can not afford ! How to solve this embarrassing territory ? We need to play an innovative LED lighting technology workers wisdom to find solutions for the benefit of the people of the world public .
    LED lamp beads big changes in technological innovation
    LED lamp beads packaging technology innovation , making the LED luminous efficiency has been enhanced monthly , LED lamp beads falling prices , high LED (HVLED) technology matures, the lower chamber heat LED lamps become a reality . Cheap LED lamps LED light source module applies there COB, COF , and multi-core package HVLED, market demanding LED light source module costs RMB1.00-0.80 / W, which COF and multicore package HVLED cheap LED lamps may be preferable .
    LED packaging technology have the LED die is encapsulated in an aluminum plate "COB" (chiponboard), but with flip chip technology and the growth of eutectic lead " flip and eutectic COB" without using gold wire , the LED tube bound to the copper core diameter stent "COF" (chiponFrame), without having to hit gold and packaging , in the LED manufacturing process is made directly to the end customer can use the "ELC" (embeddedLEDchip), packaged in a single unit 2 , "Multi- core package HVLED" 3,4,6,8 pcs LED die , the N series LED lights beads into HVLED applications. The six LED packaging technology gave new LED lighting design brings new ideas. LED light source packaging technology innovations to guide the development of high voltage low current LED light source , LED light source to reduce the degree of fever board , affordable LED lighting design and therefore have a new choice.
    Non-isolated constant current drive power become mainstream
    Public lighting LED lights parity applicable non- isolated LED driver power supply switching constant current source , PSR constant current source and high-voltage isolation switch of a constant current source .
    Non-isolated constant current source switch for high voltage , low current LED load is applied mainly multi-core particles encapsulated in series or N HVLED light. Non-isolated constant current switching power advantages are low cost , high efficiency, small size, non-isolated constant current switching power supply products with a single winding inductance , can reduce costs, improve productivity ; built-in high-voltage MOSFET improve the application of different sizes supply cost ; inductance and the PCB can be common in different power supply in order to facilitate the production of the plant to reduce inventory. Typical non-isolated constant current switching power supply circuit , due to the highly integrated chip functions , therefore the application is very simple lines . PHILIPS 2.5- inch 3.5W (7X0.5W) LED downlights , its non-isolated constant current switching power supply with Shanghai Jing Feng Ming source BP2802 chips. After the nuclear accident in Japan is also to promote a non-isolated constant current switching power LED lamps, the main consideration is the efficiency of the use of direct subsidies by 50% when the price of the purchase of Japanese government resident LED lighting, is to promote a large number of people use LED lighting source of power . Many foreign manufacturers of LED lamps LED lighting efficiency concerns , therefore , non-isolated constant current drive power gradually become one of the mainstream public lighting LED lighting power supply.
    PSR ( primary side control ) isolated constant current power supply cost is competitive , PSR isolated constant current power supply for high current , low voltage LED lamp beads , which are now widely used in low-voltage LED (LVLED) lamp beads. Innovative design PSR isolated constant current source chip , highly integrated functionality makes the application circuit is very simple, resulting in lamps designed to be simple , easy to over- safety regulations ; innovative algorithm for the chip , making it insensitive to the electrical parameters of the transformer , the transformer is reduced only two windings , reduce costs and improve productivity ; built-in high-voltage MOSFET to improve value for money of different sizes . Typical PSR isolated constant current power supply circuit , constant current source using BP3122 switch chip , BOM cost 5W power at RMB2.00 million. Monthly output of the power semiconductor Shenzhen Branch Valley up to 6-10KK months .