T8 LED Tube Introduction
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T8 LED Tube Introduction T8LED lamp is a

T8 LED Tube Introduction
T8LED lamp is actually a major indoor LED lighting products should , it is a straight tube , and ordinary fluorescent tubes similar
Except that it is made ​​of aluminum alloy backside cooling, the front cover using the PC rather than glass , T8LED lamp uses a low-voltage DC power supply , can not be directly connected to the mains , so it needs to bring a power rectifier with a buck . Before then listed . T8LED lamps using the latest fourth-generation light source , energy saving, is the future direction of lighting.
2T8 LED lamp development process
T8LED lamp development through two stages , the first stage uses a line of LED lamp beads,
The second stage uses a high-performance SMDLED lamp beads , both in the optical efficiency and thermal aspects of the production process and different line much better than SMD type .
3T8 LED Lamp Type
T8 LED Tube general classification of its length , such as can be divided into 0.6 m , 0.9 m , 1.2 m , 1.5 m long and so on. Different lengths , the power will not
Like , the length of the longer lamp beads will be used more power will be bigger. There are according to the shape of the tube to points , such as a circular tube and oval tube and so on. However, classified by length has become the industry standard.
4T8 LED lamps use of premises
T8 LED tube sites currently use has penetrated into many places where the general interior lighting has its presence , T8 LED lamps use mainly in office lighting , factory lighting , library lighting , subway lighting , shop lighting, mall lighting , hotel lighting , etc. , can be illuminated place, there T8LED lamp.
Difference between 5T5 T8 and T10
Theoretically , T8 and T5 light than a diameter larger brightness will be higher.
China now has more than nearly 80% of these are fluorescent T8, supermarkets, hospitals, factories, assembly line, office space , almost all schools T8 lamps.
With the development of technology and technology update , now T5, T8 fluorescent lamp can replace the illumination , life, and stability are to far beyond the T8 fluorescent lamp . Most concerned about is saving , the proportion of 28 and 36 +9 obvious , companies benefit from the country to save energy .
The following models can not replace T4 brightness T8 , not commercialized yet , not widely used .
T5 T8 lamp is new is old
The main difference is smaller exterior looks fine T5 T8 thick and long
Inherent in 50% ~ ~ ~ ~ 40 between T5 energy saving than T8
The life expectancy of nearly 1 times longer than T8
Straight tube fluorescent tubes φ16mm (5/8inch), φ26mm (1inches), φ32mm (1 1/4inches), φ38mm (1 1/2 inches)
Equivalent to T5, T8, T10 and T12 , respectively,
Good color performance T5 fluorescent lamps , due to their use of red, green , and blue colors of rare earth trichromatic phosphor configuration , so CRI Ra can reach 80 or more.
And T5 fluorescent light efficiency . The correlated color temperature of 2700K T5 fluorescent luminous efficiency of about 100LM / W,
While the ordinary T8 fluorescent luminous efficiency is about 70LM / W, luminous efficiency is about ordinary fluorescent T12 60LM / W.
T12 ---- 38mm diameter
T10 ---- 32mm diameter
T8 ---- 26mm diameter
16mm diameter T5 ----
T4 ---- 12mm diameter
T3 ---- caliber 9mm
T2 ---- 7mm diameter
From T5 below should be equipped with special electronic ballast, magnetic ballast general difficult to start .