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Today ( 25 May ) , the highly anticipated

Today ( 25 May ) , the highly anticipated Guangdong LED lighting industry standard optical component technology 21 specification formally introduced, which marks a milestone for the LED lighting industry is about to open . Reporter held today a standard LED light assembly work report -cum- technical tests meeting that the light from the semiconductor Industry Association of Guangdong Province , Guangdong Province semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center announced 21 series LED standard optical components normative documents , LED applications will further standardize the market to solve the problem of industrial development has taken a solid step forward. Solid State Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance Deputy Secretary Nguyen speech at the meeting , said the outcome of the project made ​​sure that will represent the next Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department will jointly support will focus on standardized achievement together to promote the country . Deputy Director of Development and Planning Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province , said Yun Dan Ping , 21 standard optical component specification introduced, the province will accelerate the LED industry a standardized , systematic, to shorten the standard formation plays a key role in the process . Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department will be fully implemented "LED lighting standard optical assembly plan " to promote the convergence of standard optical components with the standard system construction project , start the preparation of the local standard of LED lighting products series , the first in China to establish a more comprehensive system of LED product standards , while actively participating in the development of national standards of LED products . The first 21 will regulate the optical components of the standard release LED lighting market It is understood that , since 2012 , Guangdong Province, the promotion of LED lighting applications meeting , within the scope of Guangdong Province launched a comprehensive promotion and implementation of the application of LED lighting products boom. However, due to LED lighting product "component" mostly non- standardized form of existence , lack of standards leads to no basis in product design , product interchangeability poor, poor compatibility phenomenon , hindering the development of large-scale applications and industrial products . To this end, Guangdong Province, relying on the successful experience of the work of the benchmark system , accelerate the pace of implementation of LED lighting standard optical components program. Which lasted six months, after in-depth market research, summarize start from the bottom up grassroots enterprises in more than 50 research institutions , universities and leading companies under joint research and joint efforts , and for several days after a group of experts behind closed doors meeting , LED lighting system standard optical component specification formally completed . At today's briefing, the semiconductor lighting industry in Guangdong Province Sui Sai Wing , director of the Joint Innovation Center released 21 LED lighting standard optical components technical specifications, and explain in detail the LED lighting standard optical components outreach programs. Optical component project team leader , Sun Yat-sen Professor Wang Gang Intro LED lighting standard optical component specification system framework and points. Wang Gang , said the technical specification covering mainly the overall specification , available packaging components for authentication specification , lighting module specification , lighting specification , integration and testing of six parts lighting specification methods . The standard optical components and the definition of technical specifications related to level terms , classification and coding, mechanical description , limits ( absolute maximum rating ) , scope of work and optical characteristics for a detailed definition of the content is clear, professional, for the production of great guidance and practical. It is understood that , in order to further improve LED lighting standard optical components technical specifications, promote standard optical component specification floor , the meeting also arranged optical components group training and Q & A session. Optical components optical component specification expert system in respect of the frame , light assembly level , test specifications and other optical components for detailed training and guidance. Exploration and practice striving to national standardization plots It is understood , LED lighting industry in our province , " second five" one of the three strategic emerging industry development breakthrough , industry is developing very rapidly. According to statistics, in 2012 the LED industry in Guangdong Province exceeded 20 billion yuan , LED lighting engineered to comprehensively promote , LED lights to reach 780,000 , interior lighting retrofits over 1.2 million . Industry standard first, to promote the popularity of LED lighting , the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department under the correct leadership of the provincial government , vigorously implement the strategy of industry standards , to promote the standardization of LED industry , enhance the core competitiveness of industries , standardization of work to lead country. Chen Gang , director of the National Standards Commission , Chen Yin , vice governor of Guangdong Province visited the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province and the provincial semiconductor lighting joint innovation center, standard optical components for research projects in the project to be highly positive , while the standard requirement as soon as the light components of the project to create a national standard . The LED lighting standard optical component technology specification release marks Guangdong Province took the lead in the standardization of LED industry taken a solid step , from the de facto standard , industry-standard development of national standards , international standards laid the theoretical standard optical components for and practical basis , has won international voice for the Chinese LED lighting industry to seize the initiative . Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department Deputy Director Ye Jing figure that, with the optical component project entered a crucial stage , plagued by the problem of China's LED industry standard is expected to be solved , LED lighting products , popularize and promote will thus set off a new upsurge . Glossary: LED lighting standard optical components LED lighting standard optical components for LED chips as the basic light, with the provisions of the light , color, electrical , thermal characteristics, as well as prescribed dimensions, with the form of machinery , and the use of standardized application interfaces end features such as , for lighting products and lighting the system can not split the light-emitting unit . LED lighting standard optical component project LED lighting is the standard optical components of the project led by the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province , the Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision , the State Lighting R & D and Industry Alliance guidance, Guangdong Province semiconductor lighting joint innovation center organizations, universities and research institutes and relevant experts , the relevant enterprises and institutions to participate in a joint research and development and aims to promote the use of LED lighting standard optical component products of the project.