LED lighting market share increased
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With the rapid decline in the price of L

With the rapid decline in the price of LED products , and gradually move towards the sweet spot , Taiwan municipalities frequently recently optimistic tone units next year the growth of LED lighting , LED industry is expected and Taiwan plant will bring new growth momentum.
LED backlighting applications in industry rather limited room for growth , even output will enter a recession occasion , but fortunately there is the rise of new applications of LED lighting , LED lighting penetration with the upgrading of the global LED lighting market is expected to enter a further wave of high growth cycle but this also is entering a revolutionary industry highly competitive killing Fields .
In addition to the manufacturing cost advantages, legal believes that brand , channel LED lighting market is the real source of competitive advantage , which will make the 2014 Taiwan LED industry has accelerated fear being replaced from mainland China industry crisis .
Optoelectronics Technology Industry Association spotted in 2014 onwards, European and American countries eliminated the largest amount of change to people's livelihood opportunities 40 watts to 60 watt incandescent , and some converted from traditional lighting LED lighting slower pace of GeneralElectric other U.S. companies, as well as global lighting production center in mainland China regional brands , OEM manufacturers , have pushed up global penetration rate of LED lighting products . Taiwanese manufacturers own brand or OEM , whether by way of stepping up the layout should seize this business opportunity .
According to the report forecast next year (2014) LED lighting output value will reach $ 17.8 billion , the overall number of LED lighting products shipped 1.32 billion , compared to this year ( 2013 ) an increase of 68 %. In terms of regions concerned, LED lighting products in China next year consumption growth rate reached 86%.
Among the most obvious alternative source products , bulb and lamp replacement is its most popular type of light source , accounting for 38 % and 25% in 2013 , respectively, LED lighting products . Integrated LED lighting product types future demand will gradually rise , especially in conjunction with intelligent lighting applications products.
PIDA pointed out that in 2012 the global LED lighting output value reached 11.5 billion U.S. dollars , in the lighting market penetration of about 11% of the top ten manufacturers of LED lighting sequence as Philips, OSRAM, Panasonic, Toshiba, Cree, ENDO, Zumtobel, Koizumi, IrisOhyama, Sharp and other Taiwanese companies to be improved market share.