2014 Five LED market trend analysis
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Taiwans Central News Agency reports, wit

Taiwan's " Central News Agency" reports, with LED product prices decreased rapidly progressing towards the sweet spot , Taiwan municipalities recent bullish tone units frequently LED lighting growth next year , and Taiwan LED industry will be expected to bring new plant growth momentum .
LED (light emitting diode ) backlighting applications in the growing space industry is quite limited, even output will enter a recession occasion . Fortunately, there is the rise of new applications of LED lighting , LED lighting penetration with the upgrading of the global LED lighting market is expected to enter a further wave of high growth cycle, but this is also a revolutionary industry is entering a highly competitive Killing Fields .
2014 Five LED market trend analysis
2014 Five LED market trend analysis
In addition to the manufacturing cost advantages, brand , channel LED lighting market is the real source of competitive advantage .
Taiwan's Photonics Industry & Technology Association spotted in 2014 onwards, European and American countries replacement livelihood opportunities to the largest amount of 40 watts to 60 watts of incandescent light , and some converted from traditional lighting LED lighting slower pace of U.S. companies such as General Electric , as well as regional brands in mainland China , OEM lighting manufacturers worldwide production center , have pushed up global penetration of LED lighting products . Taiwanese manufacturers own brand or OEM , whether by way of stepping up the layout should seize this business opportunity .
According to research coordinating body LEDinside report estimates Ming ( 2014 ) LED lighting output value will reach $ 17.8 billion , the overall number of LED lighting products shipped 1.32 billion , representing a year ( 2013 ) to grow 68%. In terms of regions concerned, LED lighting products in China next year the amount of growth rates of 86% and more .
Among the most obvious alternative source products , bulb and lamp are most welcomed by the market to replace the light source type , accounting for 38 % and 25% in 2013 , respectively, LED lighting products . Integrated LED lighting product types future demand will gradually rise , especially in conjunction with intelligent lighting applications products.
Optoelectronics Technology Industry Association pointed out that in 2012 the global LED lighting output value reached 11.5 billion U.S. dollars , in the lighting market penetration of about 11% of the top ten manufacturers of LED lighting sequence as Philips, OSRAM, Panasonic, Toshiba, Cree, ENDO, Zumtobel, Koizumi, Iris Ohyama, Sharp and other Taiwanese companies to be improved market share.
Fubon Securities expects that in 2014 the global LED lighting market growth rate will be higher than in 2013 , about the growth of 43.5% to reach $ 17.8 billion .
IEK ( Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan ) estimates that in 2014 LED lighting market will reach $ 39.2 billion , the market penetration rate of 34% , the market will show the top five trends were flat lights rise , prices continued to decline , automated production lines, Government policies to promote , intelligent lighting systems integration .