Flash LED chip trend cause the two chip camps rivalry
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With the iPhone 5S using two Flash LED,

With the iPhone 5S using two Flash LED, smart phones equipped with color temperature is expected to set off a wave of Flash LED market growth in demand for Flash LED optimistic view , Flash LED multi supplied by the two camps , which are vertical structure ( vertical) of OSRAM, CREE, SAMSUNG, and the use of flip-chip structure (flip chip) of Philips Lumileds, Nichia, Epistar Taiwan factory while the new century are also joined flip chip camp, sights Flash LED market pie .
LED Flash requires high stability , light angle , low voltage and other characteristics can be driven to the current Western and Japanese manufacturers of Flash LED product point of view , Flash LED chips are two kinds of vertical chip and flip, which , Flip chip with light angle, small package , high luminous efficiency advantages , suitable for a limited area , you can instantly through large current Flash LED products, however , vertical chip also has a huge supporter of that light angle vertical chip than the flip chip narrows , the light source is suitable for concentrated product Flash , vertical chip with high stability , while at the phosphor coating, the comparison will not be exposed blue status .
vertical and flip chip technology camp have two advocates , which dominate the global market for Flash LED Philips Lumileds is the use of thin film flip chip technology, specializing in the Japanese market CITIZEN Flash LED is imported using flip chip technology, Nichia chip, in addition, Epistar Taiwan factory , the new century is also actively developing flip chip chip Flash into the market with a big goal.
The vertical camp can not be underestimated , including OSRAM, CREE chip and SAMSUNG are based on the vertical , it is understood , OSRAM 's Flash LED highest market share in China , followed by Taiwan billion light packaging factory , and multi-use Everlight Flash LED CREE chip. In addition , the same vertical structure SAMSUNG Flash LED products are huge inject its brand to the sea .