Burned reasons of LED ceiling light
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First, LED Cooling did a good job. Secon

First, LED Cooling did a good job. (LED ceiling light aluminum plate yellow;
lamp beads became yellow; cooling area is not OK). The LED ceiling painted
parts of the bottom of the heat is thermal grease? This is now being screened,
LED fluorescent tubes may be said that the practice of cutting corners! Let's
now 1W-300mA current circumstances have chosen solder heat welding method,
let alone 3W, 700mA case, the heat can be imagined.      Second: The LED
ceiling light itself had doubts. Carefully looked under the positive and
negative terminals of the welding is welding craft, but also means that LED
ceiling beads buy it when they probably know what temperature the ability of
this lamp beads package probably limit temperature that is 120 degrees,
domestic sources line equipment grief. .      Third: we even doubt the LED
chip does not apply to working conditions 700mA assembly line equipment,
LED ceiling light 1W technology only if it is not universal 1,3 W, then
the outcome clear.