LED Replacement Installation
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Summary: Inductive Fluorescent Replacemen

Inductive Fluorescent Replacement: Remove the starter directly after installing LED fluorescent
Electronic fluorescent replacement: remove the electronic ballast, respectively, received zero line
and the holder of two FireWire

LED fluorescent tube and all its parts can not be exposed to any mechanical stress;

LED fluorescent tubes must be performed by professionals who are familiar with electrical knowledge
to install;

If you have any questions regarding the installation and use, please consult the relevant professionals
or technicians in Cheung Technology;

If the lamp aluminum parts for any damage or deformation, do not use; otherwise the product or install
a certain degree of risk;

During installation, please cut off the mains switch or separate connecting wires;

Do not install damaged conductive electrode;

Please ensure that the product installed on a stable, flat, tilt fixed place;

Avoid installing the lamp heavy and high temperatures in humid places, please contact Xiang for
installation technicians determined the installation.